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Slot machines captivate cheaters and hackers all over the world. Many of them have created sophisticated yet effective slot-cheating tools and devices.

Cheating Devices for Slot Machines

Cheaters have been stealing money from slot machines and slot games using a variety of tools and devices. These devices are designed to influence specific aspects of a slot machine, such as its RNG algorithm. This article examines the cheating devices used in casinos and whether they can still be used today.

Cheating is not tolerated or encouraged in this article or on our website. This is an entertaining piece of content about methods and tools used to hack and manipulate slot machines over the years. NEVER, EVER CHEAT.

Uses for Slot Cheating Devices

Before discussing cheating devices, it is important to understand which parts of a slot machine these tools target. Let’s start with vintage slot machines, which generate game results using mechanical reels. Controlling the reels until the winning combination stops within the payline is a classic method of cheating.

Another method for hacking vintage and modern slot machines is the mechanism for accepting coins or money. Cheaters find ways to get free spins on older machines by triggering the coin slot mechanism without paying anything.

Criminals find new ways to exploit these machines as new machines only accept bills and old machines only accept coins. Cheaters can use a bill sticker to get a large number of spins for a very low price.

Cheaters discovered a way to control the source code of digital slots in modern slots. Access to the inner workings of a game enables anyone to obtain combinations with high payouts. An alternative method is to figure out how a slot machine’s RNG works. By deciphering the algorithm, cheaters can spin the reels when the chances of winning a large cash prize are high. Cheat codes are combinations of letters and numbers that are used to force a slot machine to pay out.

Slot Cheating Devices Lists

Now that you’re aware of a slot machine’s weak points, here are the devices that allow cheaters to exploit them.

Chip in a computer

To understand this device, we must first discuss Dennis Nikrasch. He was a well-known hacker who discovered an opportunity to crack the slot’s source code by purchasing a used slot machine. Dennis disassembled the machine and discovered the chip that determines the outcome of a game.

Dennis designed a customized chip that he uses to rig active slots in casinos. Dennis was able to steal $3.7 million in one evening with the help of his companions and a modified chip. Dennis and his team could have made a clean getaway if it hadn’t been for a major disagreement among the members. This argument resulted in one of his team members implicating Dennis in the scam.

Wand of Light

The light wand was created by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a well-known hacker who has been rigging slot machines for nearly 40 years. It targets the slot machine’s coin payout mechanism. Carmichael uses the wand’s shape and bulb to cover the optical sensor within the coin slot.

Carmichael only needs a small win to make the machine release its coin to pull off this cheating method. Slot machines typically have a sensor that detects how much money is dispensed, ensuring that the player receives the correct amount. Carmichael can prevent the machine from knowing how much money it was dispensing by using the light wand. Tommy can use this method to empty a machine with a small win.

App for PRNG Cracking

A slot PRNG system feeds a seed or key into a complex algorithm formula, which generates the game’s outcome with each spin. To achieve semi-randomness for each result, the seed is typically derived from a real-world aspect such as the system clock of a server running the game.

Cheaters can use a PRNG cracker app installed on a phone to determine when a slot will use a seed with a high-paying result. Their phone will vibrate when it’s time to spin the reels. Criminals can easily gain an unfair advantage using this method because they do not need to install a modified chip or perform any suspicious actions on the slot machine.

Wire for a Piano

This scam necessitates the use of an insider who can open a mechanical slot and connect an extended piano wire to the reel mechanism. An accomplice will play a rigged slot machine when placed on the gambling floor. By pulling on the piano wire, this customer can stop the reels at a position that will result in a large payout.

While the method is simple to implement if a cheater has the right connection, there is a high risk of detection because the player must pull on the piano wire. After receiving a large payout, a group of criminals who were playing with a piano wire-rigged slot machine attracted the attention of security.


A magnet is another popular and low-tech method for manipulating a slot. When high-valued symbols land on the payline, cheaters will hover the magnet over the mechanical reels and cause them to stop.

This method does not necessitate the player breaking open a slot machine, and a criminal can use any strong magnets they have on hand. The act of holding a magnet onto the slot attracts unwanted attention from security, making this an unpopular cheating device.

Counterfeit Currency

Criminals will use counterfeit coins to play slot machines and have the winnings converted into legitimate cash in order to launder money. One of the most notorious criminals who used this device to steal from casinos is Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio.

The flawless design of Colavecchio’s counterfeit coins and tokens is what made him famous. When placed side by side, senior staff and even experts will struggle to distinguish Colavecchio’s coin from the real one. Experts even use a microscope to detect the smallest flaw.

Bill Validator decal

Cheaters did not need to be familiar with counterfeiting bills in order to hack a slot machine, as is the case with a bill validator sticker. This tool is used on a small paper bill, such as a $1 bill. When cheaters insert a bill with a sticker into a slot machine, the validator recognizes it as a $100 bill rather than a smaller one.

This method enables criminals to deceive a slot machine into awarding them a large number of credits without raising suspicions.

Can Cheating Devices Still Be Used?

Because every game is digital, every device or tool used to manipulate mechanical reels no longer works with all slot machines in major casinos. Modern slot machines have no physical points that allow a cheater to manipulate the results or obtain free spins.

Around the 1990s, slot machines converted their coin slots to bill acceptors. These machines also altered the way they paid customers with coins by printing their winnings on paper tickets. Cheating devices such as counterfeit coins and light wands are rendered obsolete as a result of this conversion.

The upgrade to casino surveillance and security measures, among other changes, made it difficult for criminals to use any cheating devices. Staff is on the lookout for any unusual behavior among its customers, including unusual use of the slot machines. An AI program is monitoring all casino activities as part of their surveillance network to prevent criminal behavior and catch any cheaters.

Security requirements for software providers have also been tightened by regulatory boards. This includes the use of SHA-3 hash algorithms, which prevent any party from tampering with the slot’s ability to produce results. Furthermore, every employee of a regulatory office is screened before being hired and is required to have their work reviewed by another employee.

This staff restriction is intended to prevent another Ronald D. Harris-type employee from abusing their position for personal gain.

Slot Machine Hacking Tools FAQs

Here is some quick information on cheating devices in the form of a question-and-answer format.

What exactly are slot-cheating devices?

Slot-hacking devices are tools that are used to manipulate different aspects of a slot machine. There are devices that allow cheaters to control the mechanical reels, allowing them to land any symbols they want on the payline.

What cheating devices are compatible with digital slot machines?

Devices like the PRNG cracker app are appropriate for digital slot machines because they can tell a hacker when to spin the reels if a favorable result is present.

How does a cheater hack a slot machine using a computer chip?

A modified chip must be installed on a target slot machine’s circuit board. This method typically necessitates an insider opening a slot cabinet in order to install the chip into the slot. Once installed, an accomplice uses the chip’s exploit to obtain high-paying results.

What exactly are bill validator stickers?

When inserted into a slot machine, these stickers convert low-denomination bills into high-paying denominations.

Are these cheating devices still used in casinos today?

Casinos discovered ways to prevent these cheating devices from being used on their slot machines over time, such as phasing out mechanical slots. Casinos were also able to discourage criminals from using new tools on their slots by upgrading their surveillance and security monitoring systems.

Criminals use cheating devices to exploit slot machine flaws such as mechanical reels and the PRNG algorithm. Casinos, on the other hand, are constantly updating their security and monitoring systems to prevent the use of these devices within their establishment.

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