OKBET Blackjack Guide How To Memorize Blackjack Strategy

A basic strategy for blackjack can help to reduce the house edge. This article explains how to use a basic blackjack strategy and how to easily memorize it.

How to Recall Blackjack Strategy

Understanding the blackjack basic strategy is critical for anyone learning and trying to master this exciting casino game. However, the basic strategy is quite complicated, and only years of practice can make one implement this strategy in the most desired way in a blackjack game.

In this article, we will discuss a few methods for memorizing blackjack strategies so that you can play with more confidence.

Use a Basic Blackjack Strategy

Simplifying the blackjack strategy is an important part of learning it. Blackjack players can remember the best possible actions to take based on their hands in this manner.

To begin, understand when to split your hand. There are a few general guidelines to follow. Aces and 8s should always be split, but 10s and 5s should never be split. Splitting 2, 3, and 7 on cards 2 through 7, splitting 4’s on cards 5 and 6, splitting 6’s on cards 2 through 6, and splitting 9’s on cards 2 through 9 except 7.

Soft hands and hard hands are played differently in blackjack, and the blackjack basic strategy emphasizes this. The following are some strategies for dealing with soft hands in blackjack.

  • Always stand on 21 and 20 soft ground.
  • Double down against a 6 or stand with a soft 19 consisting of an ace and an 8.
  • Double against 2-6, stand against 7 and 8, and hit against 9, 10, and Ace with a soft 18 hand that included an ace and a 7.
  • Double against cards 3 to 6, or stand with a soft 17 consisting of an ace and a 6.
  • Otherwise, hit with a hand of soft 16 and soft 15, consisting of an ace and 5 and an ace and 4, respectively.
  • Otherwise, hit with a hand of soft 14 and soft 13, consisting of an ace and 3 and an ace and 2 respectively.

The following useful strategies for blackjack hard hands are listed below.

  • Surrender 16 to a 9-ace and 15 to a 10.
  • Stand with a hard 17 or higher hand.
  • Stand against 2-6 and hit with a hard hand 13 through 16 against 7-ace.
  • Stand against 4-6 and hit with a hard hand of 12 against everything else.
  • Always bet twice on hard 11.
  • Double with a hard 10 against 2-9 and a hard 9 against 3-6.
  • Always hit with an 8 or lower hard hand.

Easy to Remember Blackjack Strategy Chart Score23456789TA

11 or lessHHHHHHHHHH
12 through 16SSSSSHHHHH
17 or moreSSSSSSSSSS

Remember Your Blackjack Strategy

There are a few techniques that can assist you in memorizing basic blackjack strategies more quickly. However, once a player has simplified the fundamental strategy, memorizing becomes second nature. Furthermore, different people may take different approaches to creating and memorizing their strategy chart.

Here’s an approach that’s great for beginners

In this method, everything boils down to a four-line rhyme: ‘Surrender, Split, Double, Hit.’ As a result, players must decide whether to surrender or not, whether to split or not, whether to double or not, and finally, whether to hit or not. It is critical to keep this order. The following step is to review the simplified blackjack basic strategy and determine when to execute each of these actions.

Another method for memorizing blackjack basic strategy is to consider two scenarios: the first with the dealer showing 2-6 and the second with the dealer showing 7-A. If the dealer has 2-6, the player’s strategy should be to ensure that the dealer busts and he does not. If the dealer, on the other hand, shows a 7-A, the player’s strategy should be to make a score of 17.

The basic strategy chart can look like this with just these two rules:

  • Players must hit on 12 vs. 2 and 12 vs. 3.
  • If the dealer shows 3-6, players should double.
  • Players should double down on 10 or 11 (ideally, double if their score is higher than the dealer’s up card and do not double if it is a tie).

Methods for Recalling Your Blackjack Strategy

Memorizing the blackjack basic strategy is one thing; mastering the strategy well enough to apply it correctly is quite another. And the most obvious way to become a blackjack pro is to practice. Because it is not possible to visit a casino and play live blackjack on a daily basis, there are some simpler methods for players to remember the blackjack strategy.

Live Stream Blackjack Games

When it comes to blackjack, watching how the game is played and what actions the players take can be very beneficial. Such live streaming blackjack games can be found on YouTube. Along with that, there is Twitch, a platform founded by two young poker pros. Twitch is a video vertical where you can watch people play online blackjack in real time. Anyone who wants to improve their blackjack basic strategy before going to a casino can watch the strategies in action.

Online Blackjack Games for Free

Free online blackjack games are another useful method of determining how well you have memorized the blackjack basic strategy and how quickly you can apply it in a game. These free blackjack games are available on the internet and require you to simply play blackjack without using real money. As a result, you have no stake and suffer no losses. All you get to do with these games is practice and prepare to win big at blackjack in a casino later. You can even try out free blackjack demos offered by US online casinos. These demos can be accessed without the use of a credit card or an account.

Remember These Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Advanced blackjack strategies are those that can be used with difficult or complex hands. Once the players have mastered the simpler basic strategy, it is time to move on to some of the more advanced strategies.

3-4 Card Hands Treatment

Sometimes the player has a complex blackjack hand, such as a 15 or 16, but it is made up of three or more cards rather than two. For example, if a player is dealt a 16 against a dealer’s face-up card of 10, the basic blackjack strategy would call for the player to hit the 16 in the hopes of receiving a card that brings the score closer to 21. However, according to the advanced strategy, taking a card would be a bad idea because the player’s four-card hand could be made up of low denomination cards that are no longer in the deck.

When Should You Bet on Insurance?

Most blackjack players believe that insurance is a bad bet, and that the best way to play blackjack is to avoid taking insurance, especially when the dealer has an ace. However, insurance is a strategic blackjack side bet that must be placed in a few situations. Card counting can help a player understand when there are fewer than ten cards left in the deck, which is a good time to place the insurance bet. According to the card counting technique, players should take insurance against the dealer’s ace if the count is +4 or higher.

When available, choose the Surrender option

The surrender option, which is not available at all blackjack tables, allows players to fold their hands and receive half of their bet back. This is a good option for players who have a terrible hand. There are two types of surrender: early surrender and late surrender. Early surrender allows the player to withdraw his bet before the dealer checks for blackjack. When a dealer’s open card is an ace, late surrender is available after they confirm they do not have a blackjack hand.

Blackjack Strategy FAQs

Is it difficult to remember a basic blackjack strategy?

While memorizing the number of dealer and player cards may appear daunting at first, most people can remember the actions to take for each scenario within two weeks or two months. This is possible through practice and application of the strategy in simulated games.

Are there any tools that can assist you in memorizing any blackjack strategy?

There are numerous blackjack training apps and software available to simulate any scenario involving the player and the dealer. The majority of these apps are free, while others have a one-time fee. Another option for free blackjack practice is to use social games available on social media or in app stores.

Should you think about getting insurance?

Because of the high house edge, insurance bets are considered disadvantageous. It is not recommended to take the insurance bet when the dealer has an ace unless the player is using a card counting method to get a good grasp on the dealer’s hole.

Is it legal to use a blackjack strategy card in any casino?

The use of blackjack basic strategy cards or other printed materials is not prohibited in most casinos. You can even print one and take it with you to any casino if you use a blackjack chart maker. Dealers, on the other hand, will notice if a player spends too much time consulting their cards when it is their turn to act.

Do I need to know card counting to win at blackjack?

While blackjack card counting can improve a player’s odds in each game, it does not guarantee a significant return on bets for a set period of time. Following a basic blackjack strategy is all that is required to keep the house edge low while increasing your chances of winning and growing a $100 bankroll to $1,000.

This summarizes everything there is to know about memorizing basic strategy charts and the various ways in which players can master the strategy while also memorizing it in the simplest way possible.

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