OKBET Blackjack Guide: How to Interpret a Blackjack Chart

Strategy charts assist players in lowering the house edge. As a result, knowing how to read blackjack charts is critical.

How to Interpret a Blackjack Chart

Blackjack has long been thought to be a purely mathematical card game. This concept has given rise to a number of strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of winning. And these strategies are printed on a chart called the blackjack strategy chart, which is a beginner’s guide to playing blackjack. The chart assists players in lowering the house edge, so knowing how to read a blackjack chart is essential.

How Do You Interpret a Blackjack Strategy Chart?

Blackjack charts, also known as blackjack decision matrices, are tables with multiple rows and columns. The chart shows the best decisions and moves a player can make in a given situation after being dealt the first two cards and seeing the dealer’s up-card.

It lists the five main options available to players at any given time, which are hit, double down, split, surrender, and stand.

There are two broader rows in the basic blackjack strategy chart, indicating the player’s hand on the left and the dealer’s upcard on the right. When reading a blackjack chart, the rows represent the player’s hand and the columns represent the dealer’s up cards (these can be inverted in some matrices).

The well-known basic blackjack strategy chart


A basic blackjack strategy chart has one heading row, with the left side representing the player’s hand and the right side representing the dealer’s up card. Below it, there are approximately 26 sub rows with the subsequent digits (in the case of the player’s hand) and actions (in relation to the dealer’s up-card number) written on them.


Under the player’s hand section, there is a single column that displays all of the numbers and possible combinations. There are ten columns on the right side, under the dealer’s up card section. The top one has digits 2 to 10 and an ace, while the ones below have the actions highlighted in their respective colors.


A blackjack strategy chart contains the following actions:

  • H – Hit
  • S – Support
  • Dh – If possible, double; otherwise, hit
  • Ds – If possible, double, otherwise stand
  • P – Separate the pair

If you’re allowed to split after a double, split; otherwise, hit.

Aside from these, a couple of additional actions are listed in some charts. These only apply in variants where the dealer is permitted to hit on soft 17. These optional actions are as follows:

  • Rs – if possible, surrender; otherwise, hit
  • If possible, surrender; otherwise, split


The color-coding allows players to easily read blackjack strategy charts. In most cases, the background color of:

  • The hit is green.
  • The stand is red.
  • Blue represents Double Down.
  • The color of Pair Split is yellow, and
  • Surrender is colored orange.

The primary actions and key information in blackjack strategy charts may differ slightly. For example, in some charts, a “+” denotes a hit, a “-” denotes a stand, a “/” denotes a split, and Dh and Ds are represented by “2x” in a different color.

Why Are Blackjack Charts So Difficult?

Blackjack strategy charts appear complicated because they contain a lot of information in a strictly mathematical format. While the charts outline the basic strategy, in a nutshell, it is difficult for any player to decipher all of the information while also implementing the strategy into the ongoing game.

Pro gamblers need years of practice to master reading blackjack matrices and making them work in their favor at a casino or in online blackjack.

Is it legal to use blackjack basic strategy charts in casinos?

Yes, players can use blackjack strategy cards in casinos. Players can carry them and place them on the table while playing to help them memorize the charts.

Carrying a blackjack card is not a big deal for casinos for two main reasons. First, the charts suggest an optimal strategy, which makes little difference to the house edge; second, most players will find it difficult to stick to the basic strategy depicted in the charts while also making the right decision at the right time.

Blackjack strategy charts are useful because they provide players with actionable information. However, the charts and strategies are difficult to master and require extensive practice to be able to reduce the house edge.

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